Deleted Chapters in Gujarat Board (GSEB) Course 2020-2021

Download Deleted Chapters in Gujarat Board. In year 2020, world has seen the pandemic after centuries. In mid-2020 most of world’s population got infected by corona virus.Due to corona virus pandemic government has decided to close the schools and colleges until the situation can be brought under control.

The government had ordered to closure of schools and colleges for the safety of students.After this shutdown of the schools, teachers started online education by using different mobile based software applications. During lockdown remarkable number of students in our country had not enough facilities so they had no access to online education for longer duration.

One of the challenges for teachers is completion of entire course as per regular academic calendar in stipulated time period through online education and second challenge is to explain each topic in such a manner that no student remains unsatisfied. In online education method teachers can’t concentrate and give attention to each and every student of class because of multiple issues such as mobile network connectivity problems and sometimes unsupported mobile apps etc.

Due to shutdown of school for longer time periods, to cover entire course from teachers position became very difficult. For the students owing to the multiple issues of online education it became highly difficult to cover entire syllabus.

The government was aware of these problems faced by teachers and students during this corona virus pandemic. So the government had discussed this matter with expert academic advisory team and decided to reduce the course for current academic year.

Gujarat board (GSEB) has selectively exempted some of the chapters/topics for current academic year (2020-2021). The chapters/topics which are deleted/ removed from the course of 12th SCIENCE and 11th SCIENCE for current year (2020-2021) is given below.

Standard-12 Deleted Chapters/Topic in GSEB

SubjectDeleted Topics/Chapters
STD-12 BIOLOGYClick Here
STD-12 PHYSICSClick Here
STD-12 MATHSClick Here

Standard-11 Deleted Chapters/Topic in GSEB

SubjectDeleted Topics/Chapters
STD-11 BIOLOGYClick Here
STD-11 PHYSICSClick Here
STD-11 MATHSClick Here

Gujarat Board’s expert committee has removed/deleted some of the chapters and topics which are not highly important. It had also been announced that this deleted/removed chapters and topics are not going to be part of students assessment in Gujarat Board (GSEB) Exams.

Teachers are instructed to teach the removed/deleted chapters and topics to the students for their knowledge. Gujarat Board (GSEB) has already cleared that the removed/deleted chapters/topics are not going to be asked in exam so those students who are only preparing for board exams are not required to prepare the removed/deleted chapters and topics. These chapters and topics should be read only for the purpose of gaining knowledge.

The chapters and Topics deleted/removed by Gujarat board (GSEB) are almost same as the ones removed/deleted by the CBSE.